February 19, 2012

lot of though but dunno where to begin :')


tonight we all. okie lie. it just 5 of us. talk bout future. okie future. some of them wanna further their study. and for sure lah they can. but for me, it is almost imposibble okeh. it not bout that i need to work 4 years after i ended my trainee but it bout my cgpa. need at least 3.5 and above to go to degree in parmacist. cis betol. and my cgpa is not that high. hard for a lazy girl like me. sob3 :'(

i have a few plans to do but i dunno where to begin it. wanna to have my own business but really dunno how to start it. wanna to change my future but dunno how. it is so complicated.  really dun want my ntire life wearing that blue black uniform. lil bit scared of my future already -.-

 jealous to my frenz who still studying.  wanna have campus life, wanna be in lecture hall. wanna have much more and more frenz. wanna felt that clumsy me in doing assignment. miss all that.  frenz much lucky you are =.=

 jump and disappear..

sorry. spelling error and tatabahasa jugak lol =) sila gelak kuat kuat ramai ramai.

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