December 30, 2011

From Tumblr To Blog #2

salam :)

bukak fb. bace status senior junior. ade yang menyumpah seranah.. terus unfriend. walaupon bukan tuk aku tapi aku tak suka membace status camtu. naseb junior je. =.= tengok-tengok pic 2nd baby lecturer. comel gebu puteh. i like :)
bukak tweeet. okeh tak tau nak buat ape. tengok kat timeline. wah banyakny pasal jodoh dan ianya dipos by hanya seorang kawan iaitu Cik ******  ianya pasal JODOH. terus aku teringat post pasal jodoh kat tumblr. maybe post nie sesuai tuk die ;) oh, aku wonder lah sape orang ketiga tuh. no offend okiey =P

Duaa for all the single ladies ;)

O Allah ! Please grant me the one..
Who will be the garment for my soul..
Who will satisfy half of my deen..
And in doing so make me whole..

Make him righteous and on your path..
In all he’ll do and say..
And sprinkle water on me at tahajjud..
Reminding me to pray..

May he earn from halal sources..
And spend within his means..
May he seek Your guidance always..
To fulfill all his dreams..

May he always refer to Qur’an..
and the Sunnah as his moral guide..
May he thank and appreciate You..
For the woman at his side..

May he be conscious of his anger..
And often fast and pray..
Be charitable and sensitive..
In every possible way..

May he honor and protect me..
And guide me in this life..
And please You!
Make me worthy..
to be his loving wife..

And finally, O Allah !
Make him abundant in love and laughter..
In taqwa and sincerity..
In striving for the hereafter !

May Allah (swt) grant all the Muslim sisters with such husbands.. Aameen ya Rabb!! :)

aku pon tertanya sape la yang akan jadik husben aku  tuh >.<
da start nak gedik!
ok bye

tengah dengar lagu sesaat kau datang by ramlah ram :)


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