July 09, 2011

jom bace cerita sedey dari Alexander watson, abg emma watson

salam people! :)

byk menyimpan cerita saye
suka duka tawa ria nanes
tapi bukan itu y saye nak share
yang kat bawah nie.. sile bace yea
amek dari tumblr sini


Alexander Watson. Yes he’s Emma Watson’s brother. But he’s more than that, he is one of my real idols, his past inspires me on how to live my life better. In this picture he may seem to be smiling like any other normal, happy, blessed child but what you don’t know is his past. In actual fact he isn’t completely Emma’s brother, he’s her step brother. He was adopted approximately a year just before Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone started filming and originally he was supposed to cast for Draco Malfoy.

 One day the producers found out about his past and was negligent about casting him, getting worried that if Alexander became famous one day, crazy fans would dig up his past, exposing it and end up embarrassing him. So this is what happened to Alexander, at the age of 3 his biological parents had died in a terrible car accident when they were on their second honeymoon. His biological uncle had been “looking” after him while they were gone, after the terrible tragedy, Alex’s uncle became his respective guardian and was to take care of him until the age of 18. 

However what the Judge didn’t know was that during the time Alex’s biological parents had been away, Alex was constantly sexually harassed and touched by his uncle. His uncle even made him sit in a dark room with no lights naked and cuffed him to the chair for over 30 hours with no food and only a bowl of rain water. When he became older he started to realise that this wasn’t normal and often tried escaping his uncle. He tried running away to a neighbours house at the age of 5 but his uncle still managed to find him. Alex then became hooked with bad habits such as stealing and hurting other kids. All of these actions were reflected from his uncle’s actions. Then one day he was caught stealing a toy from a store with a couple of his friends in their school uniforms, his school was called and they were all suspended. Alex was then arranged a meeting with the principal of his school and counseling sessions. 

Alex’s 10th birthday marked the day his life finally became better starting from one of his counseling sessions, he was really upset because his uncle had just abused him the night before and he unconsciously told his councillor. The councillor found this odd and ordered an investigation, it turns out the uncle really had been doing all these horrible things to him but Alex still had the resilience to keep on trying and living. The night before his uncle went to trial Alex prayed to God, he was considering on ending his life earlier than others since he didn’t believe God had given him a fair life. God heard his prayers and the next day God sent a young couple (Emma Watson’s biological parents) to visit Alex, they pitied him and took him in since at the time they were confirmed not able to have babies (but obviously they were blessed and managed to have Emma watson, which was once again God’s work and miracles to her family and all of us). Alex’s biological uncle was sentenced to 30 years.

So, all I’m trying to say is that God has a plan for your life. Don’t end it just because you think you can’t do this anymore. You can. Give it to God, give all your troubles to God and he will deal with them, I promise. Trust and have faith in God and good things will come your way.Alexander inspires me to just live life to its fullest and just his story, it means so much to me. It may be “just another story” for you, but for me it’s not. It’s so inspiring and since he’s had such a rough past, it’s amazing how God can just turn that all around.


kesian :(


bumbleB said...

woahh panjangnye.. nnt cite eh =D

maris said...

hik3 copy paste jah nie.. menarik jugak citer die..


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