October 05, 2010

how i gonna be a good pharmacist

currently i'm studying, then study lagi then lagi,
tak penat ke?
actualy sok de test anax..
but why sume y ak read x msk nie.. pe case??
act my eye mcm nak tersembul keluar tengok segale chapt yang belum di study lagi,
my head spinning on how i'm going to finished reading all the lect notes,
god! tired! seriously... tired lah !
bile nak habis ni??? exam is just around the corner..my life were mcm nak terbalik,
here and there..anywhere ade problem...

nak duduk dalam guelah cenggini,
hey people ! stop being annoying!
let me having a good time to study..and people ! please don't mess up !
tampa kang !! grrrrrr-

headache come again and again.. rase nak cabut kepale !
eye bag mmg xde!!
coz ak suke tido!!
ade je mase tuk tido...
study time???
aish!!! de je hlngn...
 worst gile ak  skunk!!!

takot nak result result test + quiz,
ngn carry mark y hmpeh...
study... study......
just lil more baby..come come ! come to mama (:

hey  fellows...wish me luck for my upcoming exam okayy!
it's my 2 exam..
coz i'm currently in sem 2... (:
cu-AK !!


lovely ideas: maris n cikis


apiz said...

dah2 g bace buku..hehe
good luck ok :)

shida said...

thanks apiz...;P

LadyBird said...

good luck.. :)

Rizuan Ismail said...

nak mintaq paracetomol bleh :D

shida said...

ladybird: thanks =))
rizuan: bley je.. y sy wat berani try x?? ;P


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